Teresa Heger


Teresa is a certified coach professional coach and certified energy leadership index  master practitioner who works with individuals, entrepreneurs and business leaders to empower them so they can maximize their impact.

Teresa believes that when you find clarity that business and companies increase revenue, engagement and employee retention.  She is a big picture person and a thinker who helps you to think and choose differently.

Teresa has experience working with and supporting manufacturing companies, large and small corporations, health care facilities and boards.  Working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies has given her knowledge and skills that she uses daily, giving her insight into how to keep everything moving forward in your business. 

Teresa recently earned her 200 RYT teaching certification to bring yoga and mindfulness into the corporate world.  She received her bachelor's degree in Manufacturing engineering and her masters degree in Leadership and Organizational Performance, marrying the process work she loves with the individual influence that each person brings to their job.  She has always believed in strong processes, but adding the human component has been transformational in her training and ability to help people step into their greatness. 

Teresa believes that coaching has such a significant impact on individuals and businesses that she’s dedicated her life to it.  Knowing that gaining clairy, confidence and taking positive action is how to help people move forward she is able to get you where you want to be quickly and succinctly. 

Teresa is a mom of two beautiful daughters, the wife of a talented husband and the sitting past president of the Muskegon Lakeshore Figure Skating Board.